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Ruben Gonzales

Award Winning Christian Author

Author of the future best-selling books on Life, Wisdom and Christianity!

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Ruben Gee

Salvation Station: Tuning into Wisdom

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Ruben Gonzales’ Books

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What Makes Me Write

Being grateful for a second chance after God was kind enough to put me on the Path to Peace.  These books are written to bring Glory to God alone - Soli Deo Gloria! I want others with a similar upbringing as mine to know Jesus is the only way to the Father. I want to share how I was able to overcome alcohol addiction, being stuck in a world of darkness and regret. I also want to share my full joy of becoming a Child of the King. I started life as a child in a little church and had Big Faith.  Now I am advanced in age, I am blessed to have my Biggest Faith yet.
The remainder of my life is to bring glory to God. I am on the Path to Eternal Peace and want to tell others about how my life has changed. I have double vision as I look back to the past and into my future. I look back at my past with gratitude because of the second chance God has given me. I have now forgiven myself and others. As I look to the future, I am excited and in awe of my eternal life in Heaven. Will you join me?

From: Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom

Barrio Lesson #17:

"Don’t decide to become a priest over the weekend."

Books Endorsed
by Tommy Barnett

Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom tells of Ruben Gonzales’ walk through life. He tells in detail about his experiences before his acceptance of Christ. He writes with gratitude on various subjects such as listening with compassion and learning about humility. He also shares his desperation of seeking God but not fully knowing how to go about it. God certainly has His Hand on him as he continues to write about his belief in Jesus.

Ruben grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and is gaining momentum as a Mexican-American Christian writer with this second book. His calling is to reach others that grew up like him and get caught up in alcohol or bad choices. As the introduction in this book states, ‘allow the scriptures used throughout the book to be a river that nourishes the root system of your heart.’ I highly recommend this book written for the Glory of God alone.

TOMMY BARNETT, Global Pastor

Dream City Church, Phoenix

Co-Pastor Los Angeles Dream Center, Los Angeles

Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom is a story that depicts Ruben Gonzales’ upbringing and Mexican-American culture while growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. He gets caught up in the trap that alcohol is the way of life. Ruben uses humor and scripture in hopes of getting the reader to examine their belief especially with how to get to Heaven. Embedded in this story, there is a description of how the author comes to know Jesus at age 47. The final chapter shows the goodness of God as the author’s father reaches our to Our Savior at his moment of death. I wholeheartedly recommend this entertaining book written by a late-blooming author for God’s Glory.

TOMMY BARNETT, Global Pastor

Dream City Church, Phoenix

Co-Pastor Los Angeles Dream Center, Los Angeles

A nostalgic look at childhood memories and personal growth...
A wonderful rollicking funny must-read about the author's childhood, and current experiences in his fleeting and often torturous journey of growth as a follower of Christ. Despite his humble circumstances, this author brings to mind his hair-raising childhood and adult experiences! Throughout his life, the influence of the author's religious upbringing is interspersed with a blur of remembered experiences which are brought into sharp focus with a bright splash of technicolor!! Teens will learn the value of GOD in their daily lives, and adults will wince, however pleasurably or in pain as memories of their own life comes flooding back!

Shirley S.

Book Reviews

Loved it!!
I Loved this book!!! I couldn’t put it down, I had to read it all in one day!!! It was,” Sand Lot, Little Rascal’s and Mi Familia “ all rolled up in one. All though it’s an easy, light hearted book, it’s serious. I loved how the author intertwined scripture and shared his faith throughout the book in a very loving, sincere and transparent way. I’m excited and hopeful to read his next book. Well done!

Dianna T.

Barrio Walk is a refreshing, insightful look at growing up in the golden era of the 50’s and 60’s. The author shares his remembrances from elementary school through high school, with insightful lessons he learned. The underlying theme through the book is the faithfulness and goodness of God that sustains him, even when he’s not aware of it. You’ll be drawn into his large, loving family as you read how they interact and support each other.

Shelly M.

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