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Introducing Golden Walk:
Following Wisdom into Heaven

Golden Walk provides the reader with a roadmap built on golden steps to encourage readers and increase faith. Below is the special Foreword for this book written by Global Pastor Tommy Barnett.

Foreword by:
Tommy Barnett

Global Pastor, Dream City Church, Phoenix

Co-Pastor and Founder, LA Dream Center

Author, “What If”


It is all for the Glory of God alone that I wholeheartedly endorsed the first two Christian books, Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom and Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom written by Ruben Gonzales. This book, Golden Walk: Following Wisdom Into Heaven completes what Ruben calls the Walking In Wisdom Series. God has had His Hand on him as the three books have been published in the past three consecutive years. Mr. Gonzales has found a need and is filling it through his writing. He fully understands that many raised like him are not privileged to hear the entire Gospel. He wants others to see the full Bread of Life scriptures he did not receive until mid-life.


As Children of the King, we must do all we can to help each other on this earthly walk as we follow Jesus into Heaven, “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You, who walk in the light of your presence, Lord.” Psalms 89:15  I am so proud of Ruben as he has demonstrated his conviction to share the Good News. He uses a blend of life experiences, humor, and well-placed scriptures throughout his books. We share a mutual love for our Lord knowing He is the One that keeps our steps steady and sure.


His main purpose for writing Golden Walk is to provide others with scriptures and Biblical stories that were not disclosed to him until age 47. His father did not accept Christ as Lord until age 78 about two months before his death. For the remainder of his life, Ruben vows to tell everyone he can about how Jesus Christ changed his life. There are many lessons in Golden Walk; you’ll enjoy reading No Blueberries in the Barrio.


Golden Walk: Following Wisdom Into Heaven is divided into three parts. Part one, Get Ready will help people understand how it is imperative to receive salvation. It includes teachings on forgiveness and repentance. The second part, Get Set talks about what to do after receiving salvation; this includes, readi