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Endorsements for Broken Walk

Endorsements for Golden Walk

Once in a good while comes to us a book that we simply cannot put down when we start to read it. I remember the slogan “Inquiring minds want to know”; well, who doesn’t have an inquiring mind, especially when it comes to the subject of heaven. No matter where you have been to on this great planet of ours, heaven defies every conceivable thought we might have of its beauty.


Every question you could possibly have about heaven has an answer in this book as Ruben helps you navigate through it all. My questions that I hadn’t even thought about asking are covered, and of course the trend of “wisdom” in this, his third, book follows right along the same path.


Remember, we are talking about eternity here. This means that we will have all the time in the…I was going to say “world,” all the time, period, to talk to the saints of old; our relatives and friends will all have a story of how they got there.


Follow along page after page as heaven is brought to you in full color and in 3D, 4D, I don’t know, surely many dimensions. One thing is for sure, you will never be so glad that you accepted Jesus than after you finish reading this book. If you have never asked Jesus in your heart, you will certainly want to as He not only gives us an awesome life here but he also offers a great retirement plan that is “out of this world.”


Joel Perales

Pastor, Evangelist

Golden Walk: Following Wisdom into Heaven, is the third book of award winning Christian author Ruben Gonzales’ series on Walking in Wisdom.

A hallmark of Mr. Gonzales’s style is telling engaging stories interwoven with timely, powerful scriptures and spiritual truths and this book follows richly in that fashion.

As the third book in a series of three, this book is set into three parts: Get Ready, Get Set, and Let’s Go. These sections lead the reader through receiving salvation through Jesus Christ, what comes next after salvation, and finally, what Heaven is really like. (Hint: we’re not going to be resting on clouds.) It’s more beautiful and glorious than we’ve ever imagined.

Mr. Gonzales is a gifted storyteller and wordsmith, and you will enjoy his engaging vignettes of family life. He draws readers into his stories in such a way that you feel like you are part of his family. But he doesn’t write to receive acclaim for himself. He writes to tell as many people as he can how to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and enter into a life that will be eternal.

Is Heaven a question for you or for a loved one? This book will give you sound, Biblical answers. Our unpredictable times are the evidence of the groans and labor pangs of creation Romans 8:22 speaks of. Time is growing shorter and circumstances are becoming more desperate for people who do not know the truth of Jesus Christ.

This book is a gift to yourself, to loved ones, friends and neighbors. Don’t hesitate. Buy it for yourself and gift a copy to a loved one while you’re at it. It is a fountain of hope and truth in a world gone mad.


Shelly Morales, Aglow International; English teacher; photographer

Endorsements for Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom

It is all about winning souls for God’s Kingdom.  The reason why Jesus has not returned yet is because the numbers are not right. He is coming once and that is my reason for endorsing Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom. It is Ruben’s life story.

As the windows of Ruben’s heart are open for all to see, you will appreciate his transparency as he holds nothing back. He shares his past, his challenges, his failures, his victories, and his persistence to find the greatest Love and newfound calling.

You will, without any doubt, be inspired and I know you will conclude by saying “If he can, I can!”

Yes, the message in Broken Walk is for such a time as this. The harvest is ready, and His coming is at hand. Our marching orders from God are still, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.”

Joel Perales

Perales Ministries, President

I have known Ruben Gonzales for about 20 years. He was my former boss as the Postmaster of Odessa Texas, while at the same time, I was his Pastor. He is a man of impeccable character and I would literally trust him with my life. What you see is what you get when you are around him. He is successful at whatever he sets his mind to do, becoming a writer is no exception. 

The books, Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom and Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom, detail his life adventures in negative and positive situations. He recognizes that each of the circumstances that happened in his life were to lead him to know God in a more intimate manner. One of the reasons his books are interesting to read are because of all the short stories. What have been his stories have now become our stories. These two books inspire us to examine our own stories. Ruben’s ultimate goal is not only to inspire us but for us to recognize that true Peace and salvation only come through establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Well done Brother Ruben!

Marcos Zuniga, Pastor

Odessa Texas

Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom is a continuation of Ruben Gonzales’ life journey. This book is a sequel to his first book, Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom that I thoroughly enjoyed. Ruben has a knack for using scripture and humor to make the reader want more. Broken Walk provides many lessons on relationships and life choices. Ruben does an excellent job of describing his life before becoming a true follower of Christ. He also shares many encounters with God throughout his life. I am confident this book will touch you.

I had the privilege of working with Ruben for three years in Los Angeles. He displayed courage and conviction while motivating a large workforce to excel under his Christian-based leadership.

I conclude by saying like we always say to each other: “Bless you, Brother!”

Mark Anderson

Former Postmaster/District Manager

United States Postal Service (retired)

Los Angeles, California

Endorsements for Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom

Endorsements for Barrio Walk

Pastoring Ruben Gonzales has been a blessing for me. He is a great encouragement of what God can do in our lives. This book will tell you how God moved in Ruben’s life and give you new hope for your life. The stories that Ruben shares will encourage you that God is in control.

Joe Champion

Celebration Church

Austin, Texas


I had the privilege of working with Ruben for three years in Los Angeles. He showed courage and conviction while motivation a large workforce to excel under his Christian-based leadership.


Barrio Walk offers hope, encouragement, and wisdom to everyone and to those who have a similar upbringing as his. The book is entertaining as it contains a mixture of humor and scripture to describe lessons learned during his adolescence.


This book shows the goodness of God in fulfilling His plan for Ruben. His life changes after he learned to trust God with all his heart.

Mark Anderson

Former Postmaster/District Manager

United States Postal Service (retired)

Los Angeles, California

A nostalgic look at childhood memories and personal growth ...
A wonderful rolicking funny must-read about the author's childhood, and current experiences in his fleeting and often torturous journey of growth as a follower of Christ. Despite his humble circumstances, this author brings to mind his hair-raising childhood and adult experiences! Throughout his life, the influence of the author's religious upbringing is interspersed with a blur of remembered experiences which are brought into sharp focus with a bright splash of technicolor!! Teens wiil learn the value of GOD in their daily lives, and adults will wince, however pleasurably or in pain as memories of their own life comes flooding back!

Shirley S.

Loved it!!
I Loved this book!!! I couldn’t put it down, I had to read it all in one day!!! It was,” Sand Lot, Little Rascal’s and Mi Familia “ all rolled up in one. All though it’s an easy, light hearted book, it’s serious. I loved how the author intertwined scripture and shared his faith throughout the book in a very loving, sincere and transparent way. I’m excited and hopeful to read his next book. Well done!

Dianna T.

Barrio Walk is a refreshing, insightful look at growing up in the golden era of the 50’s and 60’s. The author shares his remembrances from elementary school through high school, with insightful lessons he learned. The underlying theme through the book is the faithfulness and goodness of God that sustains him, even when he’s not aware of it. You’ll be drawn into his large, loving family as you read how they interact and support each other.

Shelly M.



A deeply personal and heart warming read.
This book is a continuation of Ruben Gonzales' first book, Barrio Walk, Stepping Into Wisdom. The author is blessed with being able to let you walk with him by sharing his personal heart warming stories of his and his family's lives. These stories are human, painful, and deeply personal but he manages to open his heart completely so we can fully understand some of the bitter and the sweet moments of his life, (some of which we might be able to relate to as well.) Ruben takes us through his life journey before knowing Jesus Christ, and after being saved. He is now very passionate about teaching us Gods' love and mercy, and leading each of us to the salvation and eternal life God has promised every one of us. This book will entertain you, enlighten you, encourage you, and best of all teach you that God has an awesome plan for every one of us that includes eternal life! In this book, Ruben expressed his desire to become a teacher. After reading this book, I believe God had definitely answered his prayer.

Michael G.

"After reading the description of Ruben on boot camp I would recommend every child be put into boot camp at age 12!! Seriously, self- discipline and learning how to deal with trials of life would mean that children would return to you in good shape! Like sending your dog to Obedience school!Interesting that Ruben's first exposure to the Gospel was at boot camp! And it is so funny, when Ruben adds humourous anecdotes about his friend naming his friend's 2 watch dogs Rolex and Timex!

Ruben's time on a Navy ship showed his increasing relationship with GOD and his trust in GOD. His way of relating life events at that time is very insightful and often hilarious! His appreciation of GOD's creation is heartwarming! His experience with a sea urchin is very educational! Another boot camp!! Oh, no!! Having spent much of his adult life searching for peace leads the author finally to Christ! His memories are sprinkled with stories of his rocky spiritual journey.

Gems of wisdom are scattered throughout descriptions of the author's life adventures. Like, watch others make their mistakes first so you can learn not to do them!! Expect to learn trivia about goonie birds, the truth about urinating on poisonous spines of sea urchins, Spanish legends, etc.

There are endless benefits to reading this author's second book. I have read just two interesting chapters!! To find out more, you should read this book I cannot put down! Excuse me as I need to read!!

Shirley P. Soon

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