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The Well of Salvation

My upcoming book will be published soon.

Salvation Station: Tuning into Wisdom is about sharing the Wisdom I have learned during my sometimes crooked path of life. It also has miraculous stories from individuals about restoration, redemption, and renewal.

Tune into the Wisdom in this book and get a glimpse of Heaven. May each page you turn pull back the curtain so you can fully see and understand salvation. Jesus is the only way to get back home to the Father. Immerse yourself in the Living Water of His Word so Wisdom will enter your heart and Knowledge will refresh your soul.

Below are two pictures of a plant I found on the sidewalk during a morning walk about two years ago. The plant was left there to die; it reminds me of my life story. After I drank from His Living Water, I no longer thirst.

Is it time for you to drink from the Well of Salvation?


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