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Last Words and Unsaid Regrets

If I only knew . . . that conversation would be our last words. I would have spoken my love a little stronger and expressed my infinite adoration for you.

If I only knew . . . I would have told you how much I loved you, instead I now live with that unsaid regret that makes it more difficult to live without your love.

If I only knew . . . I would have told you how you were my entire world, now my world is shattered without you. My heart now aches because you seem so close, but I am not able to hold you.

Life is too short to live any moment outside the Spirit of Love. None of us will make it outside of this life alive. While we have a chance we can make sure the hearts of those we cherish do not leave this earth unloved. Love with every fragment of strength within you.

Life is unfair especially when the life or spending time with someone you treasure is yanked away unexpectedly. It could come in various forms, i.e., an accident, illness, disagreement, or dementia.

What will those last words be? I was blessed because my father’s softly spoken, hoarse words to me were “You’re a good son!” He said those words to me about three weeks before he took his last breath.

The last words he heard in this world were from me. As my father was on his deathbed struggling to breathe, I leaned into him and said, “Dad, jump into Jesus arms!” He reached out after being comatose all day. He took three breaths and fell back onto my hand as I lowered him to his pillow. That was almost twenty years ago. Those last words still resonate in my mind as one of my greatest memories.

Only God can make a heart start beating. Only God exhales His Breath of Life into a newborn child as it takes that first breath. Only God inhales (takes back) His breath of Life when we take our last breath.

Death takes the body

God takes the soul

Our mind holds the memories

Our heart treasures their love

Our Faith reassures us:


Be careful with your conversations by always expressing support and encouragement.

If we only knew . . . then our last words would be full of good thoughts and there would be no unsaid regrets; especially during this Christmas season.

Love never fails!” 1 Corinthians 13:8

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