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The Bible

Sixty-six books - One Story

All about One Name - JESUS

The Bible

Sixty-six books - One Story

All about One Name - JESUS


When reading the story about Jesus first miracle at the wedding in Cana, you might be puzzled about Jesus response to his mother. She had just told Him they had run out of wine. “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “MY HOUR has not yet come.” John 2:4

But then He has a change of heart . . . He performs his first miracle producing somewhere between 120 - 180 gallons of wine.

Why the change of heart? It is important to remember the setting: a wedding. At a wedding the guests, if married, usually reminisce about their wedding day. Many single people think about when it will be their HOUR - when they will be bride or groom, finally united to the one they love.

So, at this wedding maybe Jesus looked at the bride and groom and looked way into the future. Perhaps, He saw HIS HOUR when He would be joined to His bride, His church.

Dot connection from the book of John to the book of Revelation.

Maybe Jesus looked forward to the wedding banquet in Heaven. At that wedding, men and women from every tribe and nation will be joined with Jesus at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Look it up and connect the dots in Revelation 19: 6-9

How cool is that? His first miracle perhaps pointed to the ultimate celebration and spectacular wedding: His own with His church.

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