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Filled with thoughts of what could have been

Pausing at memories again and again 

If only I had had asked, if only I had tried

There’d be no regret living inside

Past mistakes, bad choices made

Should have done better than just a passing grade

So many years have already past

The ones I have left are going so fast

Forgiving others is what it’s about

Forgiving yourself is the only way out

The best decision that changed my life

Was being born again, so adios to strife 

Learn from the past to give NOW your best

Live in the present to let your mind rest

I promise myself to live each day as it comes

Each moment to be treasured and then some 

From this day forward, only better days ahead

Sleeping like a baby on our king size bed

So I inhale His Love while working in servitude

Exhaling each breath in humble gratitude 

Accepting change as a pathway to Peace.

Til I get to Heaven - Oh what a relief!


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