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Walk by Faith

The three Christian books I have written all include two of the same words in the titles: Walk and Wisdom. The word Wisdom can easily be substituted with Jesus. Take your pick - all three are available on Amazon or you can order at your favorite bookstore.

Barrio Walk: Stepping into Wisdom is my story (age 5-19, with glimpses into the future)

Broken Walk: Searching for Wisdom is the continuation of my story (age 19 to present) includes before and after accepting Christ

Golden Walk: Following Wisdom into Heaven is about Salvation, what to do while waiting to go to Heaven, and what to expect in Heaven.

All three books point to Jesus. They are filled with numerous stories that will make you laugh and cry as they are written from my heart. Lots of scriptures; all for the Glory of God alone.

Signed copies of the books can be ordered at:

God bless you!

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