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Like The Roar of A Lion

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Chapter 16 in Golden Walk: Following Wisdom Into Heaven is called Like the Roar of a Lion.

And He gave a shout like a roar of a lion. When He shouted, the voices of seven thunders spoke.” (Revelations 10:3)

Did you know that the ground shakes when a lion roars? The lion lets everyone around him know that he is the king of the jungle.

As followers of our King, also known as the Lion of Judah (Jesus), we must awaken from our meekness and roar when we tell others the good news of our forthcoming Kingdom. We can walk with confidence knowing Jesus has gone to Heaven to prepare a place for us.

In John 12:32, Jesus said, “And I, when I am lifted from this earth, will draw all people to me.” Jesus is in Heaven praying that we will make a decision to walk with Him during our earthly life so we can spend eternity with Him. What a wonderful Savior we have that gave up His Life so we could have eternal life!

I made a promise in Chapter 16 not only to roar like a lion but also to run rather than walk to tell others about my Faith.

Golden Walk provides a roadmap built on golden steps to help lead you to Heaven. It begins with faith and walking in obedience.

Golden Step #16 is: Roar like a lion about your Faith . . . Roar so loud that the ground shakes.

Will you join me in making some noise?

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