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In The Beginning

And so . . . The greatest story ever told begins out of nothingness with the power of His words: LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! He separated the light from the darkness and brought order into the universe and earth.

I’m always filled with awe and wonder by the infinite mysteries of space and time. Think about the way the sun and moon define our day and night, a week, a month, the seasons - all in perfect harmony with God.

And God saw it was good so He adorned the Earth with the beauty of flowers, trees, oceans

and mountains - the Master Artist completed His painting and sculpturing of our world.

Then He made us into His image. In broad terms He gave us the task of being image bearers. Our purpose is to reflect His Image to bring Him glory.

So here is the question - How well are you being an image bearer?

Some days I’m better than other days but I’m thankful God always remains the same!

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