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Be the Change

This is the day the Lord has made . . . Be the person others want to be around. It is only for 24 hours and once it is gone, adios, you will not see it again.

How do we do this?

Use the right words when you talk to others. Words can do damage to someone’s ego or they can build that person up. They are either poison or fruit - You choose. Words are like keys, and if you use them correctly, they can open any heart and perhaps help mend it. Words can also cause a lifetime of damage or a broken relationship in a moment of anger.

When you are making corrections to be the change, use your head to choose exactly what you want to say. Once those words come out, they have a no return policy attached to them. Just like you can’t unring the bell, you can’t stuff those blurts said in anger back into your mouth or pry them out of someone’s ears.

If you want to live in peace with those around you, choose words that come directly from your heart. Try to maintain a spirit of love even when something upsets you. If necessary, walk away and pray about it before you speak. This will give you the moment you need to search your heart for your next words.

Every day is a new beginning, every month a new paragraph, and every year adds a chapter to your story. Fill your life book with words of affirmation, encouragement, and wisdom. At the the end of your book, you’ll be remembered by the words you gave to others.

Choose wisely! Choose Jesus! That way when you meet Him face-to-face, you’ll hear Him say, “Well done, my faithful servant!”

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